Friday, June 3, 2011

Philippine products made out of clay

       Clay is one of the functional earth material, this is soft and  can be molded when wet and turns into variety of unique and  enticing styles of products and become very hard when fired. Making products out of clay is one of the  source of income in some of the people in the Philippines, to pamper there family needs. Filipino's are very artistic and creative when it comes of making different  products out of the clay. Filipino's used there passion and creativity in molding various styles of  pots and ceramics. They are also inspired of making something unique that we can see in our environment, such as fishes and animals. They even exert there effort of making  products that we see only on fantasy movies and TV such as mermaids and dwarfs and other kinds of things which is also good house in declaration's or landscaping. Making such beautiful products need lots of practice and effort. Check out my other post here in Philippine Pots and Ceramics to see cool pictures of different Products that are made of clay in the Philippines.

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