Friday, June 3, 2011

Philippine Clay Design - Dwarf

A very nifty and peachy colorful clay products.An old man dwarf and a lady. This picture also has a dog painted with yellow and brown. Very cool to put in the landscape of your house.

Philippine Clay Design - Fountain

A cool clay design that can be used as a fountain of water. They put a hole in each pots for the water to flow.

Philippine Clay Design - Big Flower Pot

A big pot that is made out of clay, especially made for big plants. This can also be painted and can be put inside your house.

Philippine Clay Design - Ducks

A duck design from a clay with a lizard on top of the other duck.

Philippine Clay Design - Fish

A clay that molded with a design of a fish. This fish is not to eat but for house display or decorations;)If you are a fish lover, you might like this.

Philippine Clay Design- White Birds

A white birds with a yellow beaks and a black legs and toes standing in a small pot.
Very cute and enthralling in the eyes.

Philippine Clay Design - Dwarf Display

I saw this one on display in front of the Sari- sari store(like a small grocery store). Very colorful kids would really love this