Friday, June 3, 2011

Philippine Clay Design - Dwarf

A very nifty and peachy colorful clay products.An old man dwarf and a lady. This picture also has a dog painted with yellow and brown. Very cool to put in the landscape of your house.

Philippine Clay Design - Fountain

A cool clay design that can be used as a fountain of water. They put a hole in each pots for the water to flow.

Philippine Clay Design - Big Flower Pot

A big pot that is made out of clay, especially made for big plants. This can also be painted and can be put inside your house.

Philippine Clay Design - Ducks

A duck design from a clay with a lizard on top of the other duck.

Philippine Clay Design - Fish

A clay that molded with a design of a fish. This fish is not to eat but for house display or decorations;)If you are a fish lover, you might like this.

Philippine Clay Design- White Birds

A white birds with a yellow beaks and a black legs and toes standing in a small pot.
Very cute and enthralling in the eyes.

Philippine Clay Design - Dwarf Display

I saw this one on display in front of the Sari- sari store(like a small grocery store). Very colorful kids would really love this

Philippine Clay Design - Turtle Bank

Turtle bank. for a change;)

Philippine Clay Design - Six in One Pots

A six-in-one stand of pots. You can put 6 kinds of flowers in this design.

Philippine Clay Design - Letchon Pig

Letchon Pig is very popular in the Philippines, thats why they decided to mold a clay with a letchon pig design, they even put a red color just like the color of a real Letchon. This is a small version of the lethcon pig, but yet looks very yummy and mouthwatering. This design is very unique and will be seen only in the Philippines.ONLY IN PINAS

Philippine products made out of clay

       Clay is one of the functional earth material, this is soft and  can be molded when wet and turns into variety of unique and  enticing styles of products and become very hard when fired. Making products out of clay is one of the  source of income in some of the people in the Philippines, to pamper there family needs. Filipino's are very artistic and creative when it comes of making different  products out of the clay. Filipino's used there passion and creativity in molding various styles of  pots and ceramics. They are also inspired of making something unique that we can see in our environment, such as fishes and animals. They even exert there effort of making  products that we see only on fantasy movies and TV such as mermaids and dwarfs and other kinds of things which is also good house in declaration's or landscaping. Making such beautiful products need lots of practice and effort. Check out my other post here in Philippine Pots and Ceramics to see cool pictures of different Products that are made of clay in the Philippines.

Philippine Clay Design - Dotted Ducks

Another duck design that was painted white and black dots.

Philippine Clay Design - Tower

A tower design from a clay, usually put in the landscape of the house.

Philippine Clay Design- Dwarf's Uncolored

A dwarf that was not painted.

Philippine Clay Design

This picture has a dwarf with a red, blue and white Color. Uncolored frog and turtles.

Philippine Clay Design - Gourmet Frog

The Gourmet Frog clay version in the Philippines.

Philippine Clay Design - Mermaids and Lion

Lion and mermaids with blue and orange tail.

Philippine Clay Design - Jar

This picture has a Jar( on the left side), some Filipino's use this to stock water to drink. This picture also have a Blue tail mermaids,dwarf's, and small cooking pots and chickens below.

Philippine Clay Design - Cooking Pots

The cooking pots in the Philippine's,this is like a local version of a stove, where you used fire woods to make fire inside, while the kettle or one of the cooking tools is put on top.

Philippine Clay Design - Kettle and other Pots

A clay version of a kettle and other clay pots

Philippine Clay Design - Square Pots

This kind of pot is what Filipino use in baking torta(filipino version of cupcake).

Philippine Clay Design - Mushrooms

A clay version of mushrooms.

Philippine Clay Design - Breaks

Another clay design that is use for constructing houses and landscaping. This is commonly known as breaks in the Philippines.

Philippine Clay Design - Small Mushrooms

Small mushrooms molded from clay.

Philippine Clay Design - Dog

Chilling dog;)

Philippine Clay Design - Water Jar's

Clay water jars with covers.

Philippine Clay Design -Musicians

Clay Musician's with guitar as a props:)

Philippine Clay Design - Hearts

Clay pot's with a heart design

Philippine Clay Design - Chicken Plates

Some of the Filipino's commonly use this kind as a chicken plate to put there chicken's food. This can also be use not only for chicken's but any pets that you have in the house, examples, dogs,cats, snakes and etc.

Philippine Clay Design - Hanging Pots

The hanging pots.

Philippine Clay Design - Mini Flower Pots

Mini flower pots for small flowers.

Philippine Clay Designs

This picture's consist of a black turtle, mini soldier, frogs and a colorful dwarfs.

Philippine Clay Designs

This picture show's a green dog his tongue out, a boy carrying a vase, a dwarf with a pink chair and a vase.

Philippine Clay Designs

Philippine Clay Designs

Fountain and other pot designs.

Philippine Clay Design - Small Cooking Pots

Kids in the Philippines love this. They use this small cooking pots when they play with there friends in the game called Bahay-Bahayan one of the traditional games of the Philippines.A role play game which children act as members of an imaginary family. They will used small cooking pots like this, when they do there imaginary cooking scene.

Philippine Clay Design - Dolphin's

A dolphin design that is made out of clay. The aquatic mammal that can be seen only in the water is now on land;)

Philippine Clay Design

Another kinds of design. You can use this to plant a seed before transferring it  in the big pots. Can also be just for display.